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Vision & Mission

  • Shakti is power or energy. The human body, mind and the various constituents that go into their making are manifestations of Shakti. Shakti School and College are committed to harness energy of the pupils and teachers for the full development of their potentialities.
  • An important part of teaching is communicating information to pupils. But understanding the information and learning to use them is part of the learning process, which is our main focus.
  • In the name of discipline, arousing the sense of guilt of the children is the easiest way of breaking their will and their growth as individuals who will stand up to their ideals. Therefore, while we are committed to build high ethical standards amongst pupils, we will ensure that they will not suffer the sense of guilt.
  • We believe that the purpose of education is to equip the pupils with the art of using the knowledge they acquire to meet the challenges of their lives.
  • Development of the potentialities of pupils is incomplete without emphasis on health and physical fitness. Therefore, sports and outdoor activities are integral to our mission of providing total education.
  • Diversity is the soul of our society. We will guard ourselves against building sameness amongst pupils. We will encourage pupils to nurture their unique positive beliefs and capabilities, while guiding them to appreciate others’ beliefs and capabilities, thus nurture the ideal of Unity in Diversity, the core value of our country.
  • Shakti School and college will strive to create the environment where every person is inspired to grow creatively. The three pillars on which learning in Shakti School and College will stand are: (a) independence, flexibility, and freedom, (b) creativity and (c) variety in innovative approaches to knowledge and experience.
  • Pupils are unique individuals. They come to school not only to learn the lessons which are taught, but also to find a supporting environment conducive for the development of their unique personalities. We are committed to provide the positive environment which will encourage them to pursue their interests and offer opportunities for their holistic development.
  • We are committed to collaborate with the parents to provide the pupils the best education. We believe that the pupils can get the best education through the efforts of the teachers, the creative environment of the school and continuous communication, providing and receiving feedback and exchange of ideas between the teachers and parents.
  • Our cherished goal is to prepare every pupil of the school and college to excel in his or her chosen field, and take leadership roles and contribute to the growth of our society and country.



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